About company

The Metal Collection Company is an extension of Mr. Salem Ali Abdullah Al-Qadri Al-Harthy Establishment for Iron and Scrap Trading, which was established in 1418 Hijri in the Jeddah Governorate as a sole proprietorship under Commercial Registration No. (4030147981). Where the institution turned into a metal collection company, thanks to the sincere efforts of the management and dedication to work and perseverance in growth and development, and soon the successes of the company and its revenues rolled to reach 500 million Saudi riyals thanks to God.

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Our experiences

Our long experience of nearly a quarter of a century in the field of scrap metal trade has given us great opportunities to participate in public and closed envelope auctions with Aramco, SABIC, Saudi Electricity Company, Saudi Telecom Company, the Saline Water Conversion Corporation, government trusts and municipalities. And other public and private sector companies and outperform many competitors. We are also proud that we have a highly qualified administrative team of holders of bachelor's, master's and professional certificates, as well as specialized and trained workers to master the tasks with high quality. Both teams work in the spirit of one team, which is one of the modern administrative methods, which leads to excellence, success and achievement of goals; It is based on collaboration, job satisfaction, quality, transparency, and trust.

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Our projects

Quality and the satisfaction of our customers are our primary priorities

Ships dismantling and wrecking

Demolition and removal of buildings, etc.

Wholesale iron scrap, scrap and recycling materials

Our Clients

Our values reflect the basic principles that govern our relationships with our customers, we are committed to provide high standards of excellence with the highest levels of intergrity:

  • Save rights and perform them on time.
  • Respect for fair competition and the rejection of anything else.
  • Building trust and loyalty with equality.
  • Honesty in business and information provided by the company
  • Applying the internal regulations system to everyone
  • Spreading good morals and rejecting unhealthy behaviors in legal, rational and
  • customary terms
  • Quality and customer satisfaction come first.
  • Credibility and trust
  • work as one team
  • Creativity and Excellence
  • Commitment

Our Values

Our Activities

We work on dismantling and destroying ships, demolishing and removing buildings and others, wholesale of iron, aluminum and copper scrap and other ferrous and non-ferrous scrap related to recycling materials

We also do the following works: collection, classification, detailing, stripping, storage, delivery, delivery and wholesale of iron, aluminum, copper and other ferrous and non-ferrous scrap related to the recycling of materials for used spare parts after dismantling them to obtain spare parts usable again.

Saudi arabia

As Sarawat, Jeddah 22528, Saudi Arabia