About us

The Metal Collection Company is an extension of Mr. Salem Ali Abdullah Al-Qadri Al-Harthy Establishment for Iron and Scrap Trading, which was established in 1418 Hijri in the Jeddah Governorate as a sole proprietorship under Commercial Registration No. (4030147981).

Where the institution turned into a metal collection company, thanks to the sincere efforts of  the management and dedication to work and perseverance in growth and development, and soon the successes of the company and its revenues rolled to reach 500 million Saudi riyals thanks to God.

The metal collection company has continued to achieve great growth and achievements over the past two decades, where the staff currently exceeds 200 employees, including an elite group of Specialists with proven expertise in the metal trading sector in the eastern region.

The company’s business in the field of metal trade is represented in selling, buying, processing, supplying, importing and exporting, governmental and semi-governmental auctions, private sector auctions and soon international auctions, as it has been working in this field for more than 20 years.

Our Vision

Our vision stems from the inspiring vision of His Highness the Crown Prince 2030, which encouraged the founders of the Metal Collection Company to create a huge corporate entity that contributes to the implementation of development projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and through the implementation of business with the highest standards of professional quality and rise to the ranks of major national companies in this sector.

Our Mission

The company has been working for nearly a quarter of a century in setting unprecedented standards in the field of metal trading, to provide a model for many to follow and to remain committed to our commitment, imitating the wise visions under the shadow of our wise government, in line with the vision of His Highness the Crown Prince (2030) for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which created the investment environment The fertile private sector in order to diversify the investments to support the sources of income for the national economy.

Our Goals

The Metal Collection Company was established with the aim of collecting metal scrap, dismantling and destroying ships, demolishing and removing buildings and other works in this sector. collection, classification, detailing, stripping, storage, and delivery)

Chairman's Message

Chairman's Message

In the name of of Allah the Merciful
And prayers and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him..

Walking towards success is an endless journey, and the secret of that success is persistence in the goal. Our goal was to set a clear vision for our future and develop our present. Yesterday, our beginnings were simple with modest capabilities. Today, we have huge governmental and non-governmental projects being implemented on technical foundations. High accuracy and professionalism and the latest professional and administrative systems, through the work team that holds high scientific and technical qualifications and many years of experience. We look forward to expanding our business regionally and globally, God willing.

The Metal Collection Company has entered a very important stage as an extension of the great growth and prosperity that our dear kingdom is witnessing. For nearly a quarter of a century, we have succeeded in establishing unprecedented standards in the field of preservation and protection of the environment, health, safety and security by assembling minerals of all kinds from cities and waste. Buildings, re-equipping them and supplying them to national factories to provide a model for many who work in this sector to keep our cities clean from these impurities and waste that affect the environment and human health.

With this work, we remain committed to our commitment, guided by the wise visions under the shadow of our rational government, to implement the 2030 vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Chairman of Board of Directors
Salem bin Ali Al-Harthy

Building and developing human resources

There is no doubt that employee performance is a key factor in the growth, development, and productivity of any company or institution.

Therefore, the metal collection company has a plan to implement a training program and develop the skills of its employees through the following points:

Promotion is a powerful form of training, because promotion forces and encourages the employee to grow. With proper guidance and training, promotion is a positive form of employee development and motivation.
Transfer, is an approach taken by some companies to develop the skills of the employee, by transferring the employee from one department to another, because this encourages him to gain broader experience in other areas than the previous department.
Training, an employee who is prepared for leadership roles must learn to develop listening and conflict resolution skills at an early stage of his work by involving him in crisis resolution within the workplace, through training the employee will learn how to deal with difficult and critical situations, and how to maintain the professionalism of other employees In the workplace like punctuality and self-discipline.


This is a clarification of a small part of the ambitious plans of the metal assembly company in terms of developing skills and building the work team in general.

Plans & strategy

When you know exactly what you want to achieve, you will be able to determine the outcomes. In this case, this will facilitate the identification of tasks and plans to be implemented.

Action plans and strategies must include the following:

  • Assignment and goal setting
  • Estimating the schedule and duration of work
  • Define the context and approve the action
  • Determine the resources required to carry out the work
  • Follow up and monitor the implementation of the plan

Our experiences

Our long experience of nearly a quarter of a century in the field of scrap metal trade has given us great opportunities to participate in public and closed envelope auctions with Aramco, SABIC, Saudi Electricity Company, Saudi Telecom Company, the Saline Water Conversion Corporation, government trusts and municipalities. And other public and private sector companies and outperform many competitors.

We are also proud that we have a highly qualified administrative team of holders of bachelor’s, master’s and professional certificates, as well as specialized and trained workers to master the tasks with high quality.

Both teams work in the spirit of one team, which is one of the modern administrative methods, which leads to excellence, success and achievement of goals; It is based on collaboration, job satisfaction, quality, transparency, and trust.