The environment

The environment is the gift of God to man, it is the nature in which we live and benefit from, and it is the living creatures, water, air and soil. The necessities, and the responsibility of the entire community, especially that it has recently become exposed to a lot of sabotage and pollution, which has increased the environmental imbalance, and exacerbated environmental problems that cause harm to humans directly or indirectly. One of the tasks that must be prioritized, to avoid all dangers resulting from pollution.

The environment is exposed to many violations by humans, the most important of which is pollution from chemical sources, which people throw into water, air and soil and cause pollution, and cause the killing of plants and animals, and the extinction of many of them, so these chemicals must be disposed of in safe ways, away from any Possible contamination.

The scrap market is one of the markets that cannot be dispensed with, and it is involved in many industries by recycling waste, because the spread of these waste leads to serious environmental and health risks, and every year millions of cars, damaged equipment and equipment are recycled for economic and environmental reasons.

Where statistics indicate that 22% of the world’s needs of raw materials are met through the recycling of metallic waste. This trade, directly or indirectly, has environmental benefits and supports the national economy by providing raw materials for factories so that they can be recycled, benefited from, and exploited optimally and cheaply.