The Metal Collection Company is very keen to reach the satisfaction of its customers by offering a variety of high quality metal scrap products, stemming from our sincere principles of working first, as well as through our experience and our long journey in this vital and important sector in the national economy.

Our Vision

To be the leading company in the field of metal scrap trade in the Saudi market and the foreign market by providing innovative solutions based on the needs and preferences of our customers

Our vision stems from the inspiring vision of His Highness the Crown Prince 2030, which encouraged the founders of the Metal Collection Company to create a huge corporate entity that contributes to the implementation of development projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and through the implementation of business with the highest standards of professional quality and rise to the ranks of major national companies in this sector.

We have, praise be to God, possessed competence and excellence in the metal scrap trade sector, through continuous steady steps of diligent hard work in our journey that achieved high experiences, as we had our mark on the implementation of the most important demolition and removal projects for slums and other difficult projects that required careful attention Details, administrative and professional planning with qualified staff.

Plans & strategies

When you know exactly what you want to achieve, you will be able to determine the outcomes. In this case, this will facilitate the identification of tasks and plans to be implemented.


Action plans and strategies must include the following:

  • Assignment and goal setting
  • Estimating the schedule and duration of work
  • Define the context and approve the action
  • Determine the resources required to carry out the work
  • Follow up and monitor the implementation of the plan