Safety and Health

The general objectives of the metal collection company with regard to occupational safety and health:

  1. Protecting the human element from injuries resulting from the risks of the work environment by preventing them from being exposed to accidents, injuries and occupational diseases by applying the requirements of  occupational safety and health to all employees of the company
  2. Maintaining maintenance of machinery, equipment and other devices from damage in order to avoid accidents.
  3. Provide and implement all occupational safety and health requirements that ensure the provision of a safe environment that prevents risks for the human and material elements.
  4. Establishing safety and tranquility in the hearts of workers while they perform their work and reducing anxiety and panic that afflicts them while they coexist by virtue of the necessities of life with tools, materials  and machines within which lies a danger that threatens their lives .

Safety at work also includes safety in warehouses, and it is summarized in the following: Storage places that contain a stock of raw materials or products and other devices, equipment and machines. Therefore, it was necessary to secure those stores from the dangers of fire and to prevent its outbreak and be fully prepared to confront it in the event of its occurrence due to the Fires result in massive loss of life or stored materials.

Our Goals

Our health and safety strategy has been developed to further goals as the following steps:

  1. Achieving a clean environment through our activity in assembling, sorting and processing metal products
  2. Avoid and reduce environmental pollution and public health risks in the work environment
  3. Providing high quality services
  4. Constant search for development and development

Zero Accidents

The senior management of the metal collection company urges and insists to all departments in the company to be careful, monitor and follow up that all workers are committed to applying and using safety tools such as wearing a helmet and other safety tools and reducing accidents that occur between workers and employees of the company until we reach the level of zero accidents, especially accidents that It can lead to disability, or even death, God forbid.