The metal collection company was established with the aim of collecting scrap metal, dismantling and smashing ships, demolishing and removing buildings and other works in this sector.

Wholesale of iron, aluminum, copper and other ferrous and non-ferrous scrap related to recycling materials, including (collection, classification, detailing, stripping, storage, and delivery).

The credit for the good reputation and prestige is due to the success of God and then thanks to the rational policies of the rulers and the Board of Directors represented in the Chairman of the Board, the General Manager, the Executive Director and the work team in developing the company and achieving the goals of its mission and vision to be a beacon that enriches the present and brightens the future.


Dismantling and smashing ships

Demolition and removal of buildings

Wholesale iron scrap, scrap and recycling materials

Our Goals

  • Recruitment and appointment of national cadres to contribute to the economic renaissance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Providing our customers with high quality products.
  • Achieving a clean environment through our activities in assembling, sorting and processing minerals for our customers.
  • Avoid and reduce environmental pollution and public health risks
  • Providing distinguished services of high quality.
  • Giving priority at all times to customer service.
  • Constant search for development and improvement.
  • Acquiring the satisfaction of our customers in the Saudi market and the foreign market
  • Encouraging bright ideas  and optimizing commercial opportunities.

Saudi arabia

As Sarawat, Jeddah 22528, Saudi Arabia