Visit of the General Manager of the German company Oberlander

Visit of the General Manager of the German company Oberlander

On Tuesday 7/3/2022, Mr. Andreas Hacke, General Manager of the German Oberlander Company, has visited the Metal Collection Company, He was received by the Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Salem Ali Al-Harthy, the General Manager of the company Mr. Ahmed Ali Al-Harthy and the Executive Director of the company Mr. Ahmed Abdullah Al-Daghari and manager Administrative Affairs and Human Resources Mr. Salem Al-Harthy and Mr. Ahmed Al-Masabi, Director of Marketing and Sales.
After side discussions about the mechanism of work and cooperation between the two companies, Mr. Haki made a field visit to some of the company’s projects, accompanied by the company’s CEO in Jeddah. He also visited the main warehouses of the Metal collection company to find out how the products are assembled, sorted, cut and prepared for supply to the company’s clients.

After that, a lengthy meeting was held with Mr. Haki to discuss the strategy of plans and development that the Metal Collection Company aspires to implement during the next five years, starting from this year 2022, God Almighty.

Mr. Haki expressed his happiness and fascination with the organization and the art of management in carrying out the work.

Mr. Haki stated that the Oberlander company is ready to work hard with the Metal Collection company in supplying the best types of iron cutting and pressing machines.

After the meeting, lunch was eaten, after which Mr. Andreas Hacke was bid farewell to his country